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about us

We want to change the way the world sees glasses.

For too long, glasses have been seen as a correction of a physical ailment — a medical necessity. But they should be so much more than vision correction. Glasses should serve as an outward expression of personality: an extension of style. Visual language. A voice. We want to help people tell their stories through eyewear.
Our Story

Our Story

In 2012, Peder, one of our founders, discovered he needed glasses. Unhappy, he chose the most invisible frames he could find and was shocked by the price — $370.

He spent the next few years wearing those glasses, hoping they’d blend in. It didn’t work, especially when he met Doug, another founder, who helped him find something more bold and confident. Peder soon went from a single, overpriced pair of timid frames to 14 pair (and counting) of dynamic frames that speak more fully to his fun, adventurous personality.

It’s about much more than finding a great pair of glasses.

It’s about self-expression.
It’s about how you present yourself to the world.
It’s about crafting your voice and telling your story.
Liingo Eyewear was founded for this reason.
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