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Cin-der-ella, dressed in yellow. Went up-stairs to kill a fel-low. Made a mistake. Kissed a snake. How many doc-tors did it take?We don't know why, but the pastel colors of the Amor eyeglasses in our ále by Alessandra Collection make us want to find a jumprope and sing this childhood song.

It's unique to find glasses that make your heart feel happy, but these do the trick. Playful and flirty, this flattering oval frame shape is made ultra-fashionable in lovely pastels that own the runway this season.

Oh, and those spring hinges make these frames so comfortable, your face will feel as happy as your heart.

Size & Fit

Frame Size: Medium: These frames will fit most average-sized noggins.
Spring Hinges: Yes — to keep things comfortable and give a little more leeway in your frame fit.
Designed For: Women


53-16-135 Tell me more
53 mm
135 mm


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Jessica Cox   Jul 31 2017
My lovely Amor Glasses
I love these frames! They are light enough to blend in with all my colorful outfits, and their shape fits well with the current fashion. I also love how tightly they fit on my face! I don't have to worry about them sliding down my nose at all!

Nathalia Choairy   Aug 10 2017
So cute!
These frames are so delicate and feminine. They fit well with current fashion, but aren't the type that won't be "in" in two years. I love the frames and their name!