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Do you roll your eyes so often your ocular muscles might spasm and eject your eyeballs? If so, you are channeling your inner Liz Lemon, our favorite character from the hit TV show 30 Rock. Let's take that inner Liz Lemon and make her an outer Liz Lemon by getting you some Elle glasses from our Enhance Collection.

These frames are similar to the ones Tina Fey wore as she played this iconic character and we happen to think match her personality perfectly. Fun, but not flashy. Functional with a hint of flirt.

And spring hinges, because we all know Liz wouldn't stand for uncomfortable eyeglasses. Smaller in size, these frames will fit the petite-faced perfectly.

Size & Fit

Frame Size: Small: Ideal for smaller-faced folks.
Spring Hinges: Yes — to keep things comfortable and give a little more leeway in your frame fit.
Designed For: Women


48-16-135 Tell me more
48 mm
135 mm


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