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  • Premium Polycarbonate
  • 10-12x more impact resistant
  • 20% thinner & 30% lighter than standard lenses
  • 100% UV protection
  • DuraSeal anti-reflective & scratch-resistant coating included

Upgrade based on your prescription needs. Choose High Index for prescriptions stronger than +3.50 or -4.50, for a 50% thinner lens. If you have a multifocal prescription with an ADD power, choose Progressives to see both near, far and in between.

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Lucy Liu - she's been named one of Empire's 100 sexiest women and has played leading roles in iconic movies such as Kill Bill, Charlie's Angels and our personal favorite - Kung Fu Panda.

So, what kind of eyeglasses does this kung-fu fighting, sensual siren wear when she is off-screen? Frames like the Louise from our Enhance Collection. Rectangle, narrow in height and long in width, these glasses are perfect for accentuating amazing cheekbones and adding contour to the face.

Best of all, spring hinges flex to keep these frames comfy while you focus on executing the perfect roundhouse kick or oozing sex appeal.

Size & Fit

Frame Size: Medium: These frames will fit most average-sized noggins.
Spring Hinges: Yes — to keep things comfortable and give a little more leeway in your frame fit.
Designed For: Women


51 mm
140 mm


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