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  • Premium Polycarbonate
  • 10-12x more impact resistant
  • 20% thinner & 30% lighter than standard lenses
  • 100% UV protection
  • DuraSeal anti-reflective & scratch-resistant coating included

Upgrade based on your prescription needs. Choose High Index for prescriptions stronger than +3.50 or -4.50, for a 50% thinner lens. If you have a multifocal prescription with an ADD power, choose Progressives to see both near, far and in between.

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The sleek, sporty Matthew frames from our Enhance Collection channel one of our favorite bad-A actors - Samuel L. Jackson.

Whether you are negotiating the release of hostages or wrestling snakes on a plane, these versatile eyeglasses let people know you are a force to be reckoned with. Spring hinges to keep things comfortable? Check.

Oh - and if you were offended by our use of Bad-A, #sorrynotsorry. Just be grateful we didn't use Samuel L.'s favorite expletive. You know what I'm talking about...

Size & Fit

Frame Size: Medium: These frames will fit most average-sized noggins.
Spring Hinges: Yes — to keep things comfortable and give a little more leeway in your frame fit.
Designed For: Men & Women


53 mm
145 mm


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Write a review


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Richard Haas   Jul 14 2017
I chose the Matthew frame becuase I too thrive to be like Samuel L. Jackson ... But seriously it's hard to find a frame that fits well and looks good on us guys with BIG melon sized heads. This pair feels great on me and I'm sure they look great too. Definitely for the + sized melons.