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I have a large/small head. How do I find glasses that fit?
Most of our frames have spring hinges that give a bit more leeway in the frame fit to ensure that they fit comfortably. However, if you think you specifically need larger or smaller frames, you can use our Find My Fit tool. Simply enter the dimensions of your current frames, which are written on the inside of the temple, to find similar size frames.
I found a frame I love, but is it in stock?
If it’s on the site, it’s in stock, or soon to be back. But occasionally a frame sells out faster than we can keep up. If you find something that’s out of stock, you can enter your email address and we’ll notify you personally when its back.
I often have buyer's remorse. Do you have a way to ensure this doesn’t happen to me with my eyeglasses?
We hate buyer's remorse as much as the next guy/gal, so we offer a 60 day Delight Guarantee. You have 60 days after purchase to make sure there isn’t a speck of remorse in your soul. If there is, just drop us a line and we’ll get you a prepaid return label – no harm, no foul.
Do you double check my order to ensure nothing is wrong before shipping to me?
No. Double checking is for slackers. We triple check every pair of eyeglasses to ensure it is perfect. They will be a work of art when they arrive at your doorstop.
Can I order just a frame without lenses?
Of course. We have a few people on staff who rock the lens-less look too. Just add the frames to your cart as you normally would, then, when we ask how you'd like to provide your prescription, select the link saying that you don't need prescription lenses. You can either choose the lens-less look or go for non-prescription lenses. Note: Our In Home Try-On program does not currently allow for non-prescription lenses.
What are some of your faves?
Ben & Jerry's. Harley Davidson. Coke. Elon Musk.

As far as eyeglasses go, it's very hard to choose, but here's our short list (for now):
Can I use my contact lens prescription to order glasses?
We recommend against this as your contact lens prescription was adjusted for lenses that fit directly on your eyeball. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We’ll be happy to give your doctor a call after you place your order and have them send that sweet glasses script sent our way.
“Pupillary Distance”. That sounds intense. What is that?
The “PD” or pupillary distance is simply the millimeter measurement between the centers of your pupils. It is often written on your prescription, however, if not, you can just use our awesome pupillary distance measurement tool to have it measured for you in less than a minute. Or, if you hate technology, you can always use any millimeter ruler.
I can’t figure out my prescription. Can you help me?
Don’t worry. Our opticians know what all those numbers & abbreviations mean. Just snap a picture of it and text it to (442) 227-5502.
How can I send you my prescription?
Beam it up, Scottie. The easiest way to get us your prescription is to beam... er, text... us a picture of it at (442) 227-5502. You can also email it to us at [email protected]
I want to order, but I don't have a copy of my prescription.
Don't fret. It's easy to get a copy from your eye doctor. Most doctors will only send your prescription via mail or fax (we're baffled as to why, also), so you can simply have your doctor fax a copy of your prescription to our fax number - 801-606-7709.

We'll shoot you an email and let you know when we receive it from them.
My doctor told me I have "special eyes". How do I know if you can make my prescription?
No worries. We specialize in special eyes. (See what we did there?)

We're able to accommodate the vast majority of prescriptions, anywhere from a -14.00 to a +6.00 sphere. Our cylinder range is between -3.75 to +3.75. However, your total power (sphere + cylinder) cannot exceed a -14.00. We even offer progressives if you have an ADD power on your prescription.

If you aren't sure what this all means, go ahead and give us a shout at Contact Us. Or send a copy of your prescription to [email protected] and we'll let you know if we can help.
Do you sell bifocal/trifocal/multifocal/progressive lenses?
We offer progressive, no-line, lenses for an upgrade of $149.
Your lenses are free, which is amazing. But how do I know they aren’t junk?
We use the exact same lenses you paid extra to get from your doctor last time. They are made of a Premium Polycarbonate material. We also offer a Thin & Light High Index lens for prescriptions stronger than +3.50 or -4.50.

Want more info? Read more about Our Prescription Lenses
What is this “AR” or “No Glare” coating of which you speak?
We think a harsh lens glare can destroy an otherwise beautiful pair of glasses, so we include DuraSeal anti-reflective (aka AR or No-Glare) hard coating for free. It reduces glare, provides scratch resistance, and makes cleaning your lenses easy-peasy.
Is DuraSeal HD coating worth it?
One of our favorite compliments is when someone asks if we have lenses in our glasses. That’s what our DuraSeal HD upgraded anti-reflective coating does. It is so glare-free and smudge-proof that people can’t tell if you're even wearing lenses at all. Also, we’re quite lazy. Cleaning eyeglasses is on our list of things that must go. So, in our opinion, yes. Worth it.
Can you put your awesome lenses in my frames?
We’re very happy you love our lenses. Unfortunately, we don’t offer a re-lensing service at this time. We’re pretty sure you can find some frames you love on our website, though, and we’ll most definitely put lenses in those babies.
Order Status & Shipping
Do you ship internationally?
We’re currently only shipping within the US.
How long will it take for my glasses to arrive?
Your shiny (or matte) new glasses should arrive on your doorstep within two weeks of when we receive your valid prescription.

Pro tip: Your PD measurement is an important part of your glasses prescription, so please make sure that's included. You can use our handy pupillary distance measurement tool to have it measured for you. Or, you can always use a good ol' millimeter ruler.
Do you ship signature required?
No. We actually hate signature required service. However, if your neighbor has sticky fingers, shoot us an email and we’ll add signature required service to your shipment.
Are eyeglasses FSA and HSA eligible?
Yeah, baby! If they have prescription lenses, you can use either your FSA or HSA to pay for them. We dare you to find a more fun way to spend those funds. Orthopedic inserts? Please. Cough medicine? As if! Co-pay for your prostate exam? Hard pass. Stylish glasses? Sign me up!
How do you have such great prices?
We get this question a lot. There are several reasons, but the most important are:

1. Your frame is being marked up every time it changes hands between the factory and your face. (Let's be honest - it is also accumulating a lot of germs.) We work directly with the factories to give you the best prices. (We also clean every pair of glasses before we ship them... just in case.)

2. We built our own state-of-the-art lab to drive down our lens manufacturing costs. Most doctors outsource this service to a third party lab, resulting in higher costs and slower turn-around times.

3. Being an ecommerce seller, we don't have to pay nearly as much in overhead costs. Rent, facility fees, staff, etc - these add up. Also, frankly, we take less profit. Because we're just nice people like that.

4. Lastly, that logo on the side of your frame? It likely cost more than the production of your entire frame. We don't sell those expensive brands, because we want to give you the best styles for the best price - without ridiculous mark-ups.
What if my frames need adjusting after I get them?
We use a variety of super-secret techniques to “pre-adjust” your glasses before shipment. The result is that over 90% of our glasses arrive 100% perfect and require no adjustment. However, if yours still need adjustment, take them to any local optical shop. Most places provide this service for free – if for some reason they charge you, save your receipt and we’ll reimburse you up to $25.
Can I use my vision insurance when I buy from you?
Yes, Liingo is an out of network provider with the major vision insurance companies. You simply submit your receipt to your vision insurance company and you'll be reimbursed according to the terms of your plan.
I love Liingo. How can I express my undying devotion to you?
(Blush) Aw, shucks. We love you, too. No expressions of adoration required, but if you insist, we love Coke Zero and Trail Mix. Preferably Trail Mix with a high M&M to nut ratio. Or feel free to share a pic of you and your specs on your social accounts, tagging us @LiingoEyewear.
Why do you spell "Liingo" with two "i"s?
Well, this is a really great question. "Lingo" (with one "i") is the way you express yourself with words. "Liingo" is the way you express yourself with two eyes (or, two "ii"s).