10 Days to Fall in Love


We know that shopping for glasses online can be scary. What if they don’t fit? What if they don’t look right? It's okay. You can try 2 pairs for 10 days, with your prescription lenses, for free.

Find a couple frames you like.
During checkout, simply select that you’d like a FREE In-Home Try-On. We’ll even include your exact prescription lenses so you can actually see yourself when you put them on.
Try them out for up to 10 days.
It might be love at first sight. It might take some time. You might even want to check with your friends. Regardless, you have 10 days to commit — or decide you’re better off just being friends.
Love ’em or leave ’em.
If you love your glasses, great—they’re yours. If something isn’t quite right, either ship them back to us for free, or our stylists can help you find another pair to try.

Common Questions
Is this for real?
Yes. We realize that, typically, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. This is the exception to the rule. We aren’t going to transfer a diamond mine into your name and we aren’t going to make you sit through a 90 minute timeshare presentation. We just really think you’ll like our glasses, so we’re putting our money where our mouth is.
How many glasses can I try at a time?
With our In-Home Try-On, you can try up to 2 pairs at a time. And if that’s not enough, with our Virtual Try-On, you can try on as many as you’d like, instantly.
When does the clock start on my 10 days?
We’ll start the clock when your shiny new glasses are delivered to your door.
Will the glasses include your really amazing, super awesome lenses?
Thanks for asking. Why, yes. Prescription lenses are included.
How do I return my Free In-Home Try-On?
Just sign in to your account where you’ll see your order. Select whether you’d like to keep or return an item, and we’ll email you a prepaid return label. You can always email or chat with us as well. We’re happy to help.
I have a sweet discount code. How will that work with the In-Home Try-On?
It’s easy – add your discount code to your In-Home Try-On order, as you would a regular order. We’ll apply that discount to the payment that you make in 10 days (assuming you keep your glasses). So, for example, if you have a $50 discount code (lucky!) and your In-Home Try-On order is for $102, we’ll charge you $52 in 10 days.
What if I scratch or damage the lenses and glasses during my In-Home Try-On?
Are you going to be a jerk about it?
Eihei Dogan, an Eleventh Century Buddhist Monk had many wise words of wisdom he shared, including “Don’t be a jerk.” We adhere to that. While we hope you treat our glasses with the respect they deserve, these 10 days are basically a free pass for you. Regardless of the condition, if you return glasses within the 10 days, you won’t be billed for them. Period. Even better, you have our 60-Day Delight Guarantee, so you’ll still have 50 more days AFTER your In-Home Try-On to return them for any reason. Pretty cool, right?
Hold up – if In-Home Try-On is free, why do you need my credit card?
Rest assured that our In-Home Try-On is completely free! We ask for your credit card number, mainly, to stop the Glasses Bandits, a very well-organized, secret gang with a glasses fetish. We’re fully on board with the glasses fetish – just not the stealing part.