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Get the Liingo Reader app.

Our app lets you get the optical details from your current eyeglasses. It’s easy to use and totally free.

It’s so easy and takes a few minutes.


Scan your glasses.

Sync the mobile app with your computer. Then use your phone’s camera to scan your current glasses.


View your Rx details.

We enter your results into a standard prescription format, so you can easily order glasses online.


Start shopping.

Now, you can order glasses online without a worry. Time to find a new frame!

* Our app pulls the optical parameters from your current glasses, so it doesn’t replace an eye exam or give you a new prescription. Your prescription must be current and valid to order new glasses. See full terms and conditions for more information.

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Here’s what you need to make it work.

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with a functional camera

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with a 12” screen or larger

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Magnetic card

for true calibration

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Your current eyeglasses

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