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Liingo Eyewear app

Can't find your prescription details? Get your optical details from your current glasses using our free app. It only takes a couple minutes.

It’s so easy and only takes a few seconds


Scan your glasses

Sync the mobile app with your computer and use your phone’s camera to scan your current glasses.


View your Rx

Your prescription will be available to you at the end of the scan. Did we mention that it’s absolutely free?


Start shopping

Now that we have your prescription, shopping will be even easier. Time to find yourself some new glasses!

* Service extracts the optical parameters from your current glasses, doesn't replace an eye exam, your current glasses prescription must be valid, see full terms and conditions.

Let's find some new glasses

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Here’s what you’ll need to be successful

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with a functional camera

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with a 12” screen or larger

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Magnetic card

(for size calibration)

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Your current eyeglasses