Pupillary Distance (PD) measurement made easy.

If your optometrist didn’t provide a PD measurement on your prescription, we can help you find it easily.
Your PD is the distance between your pupils. It helps us fine tune your lenses to your eyes. Measuring your PD is as easy as taking a selfie. Just follow the steps below and we'll do the rest. Or you can have your optometrist do it for you.
Step 1
Turn on the lights and show us those baby blues.
This will work best if your face is well-lit. And, we do need to detect your pupils, so if you are wearing glasses or sunnies with dark lenses (or anything else covering your eyes), you’ll need to remove them.

Step 2
Hold up any card with a magnetic strip.
Drivers license, library card, club card — they all work great. This is our baseline measurement in the picture. Hold it below your nose and against your lips, almost like you're kissing it because you love it so much.
Step 3
Look straight into the camera and snap a photo.
Make sure your eyes are open wide and the sides of the card are visible. Don’t worry if you aren’t looking your best in the picture — our technology doesn’t judge.